Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

If you haven’t prepared for hurricane season, we are already in it. Hurricane season is from June 1st through November 30th. With last year so fresh in mind, we can learn a lot from not being prepared. Today we discuss some advised resources to implement in a general preparedness capacity, and then we follow up with how to prepare your roof.


  • Invest in an emergency backup generator. Options range on size for length of constant power. This can help ensure hot water and use of the fridge so less food may spoil. If you have already invested in a generator, be sure to have it serviced.
  • Prepare fuel and supplies. Have a 3-day supply of food, water, and gasoline per person (or vehicle). Your food should be non-perishable. This also includes your pets.
  • Prepare an evacuation plan. Communicate with loved ones on an agreed meet up location, and who will bring what. You can assign water, food, medications, clothes, blankets, pet transport, etc. Customize your emergency plan to fit your individual family and circumstance.
  • Understand and review your insurance policy. Ensure it’s up-to-date and that you clearly understand what is covered. If you need clarification, get it before the storm hits.

Hurricane damage can range from minor repair, to full replacement, and in worst case, a total rebuild (if viable). The most preemptive and preventative measure you can take to help prepare for potential damage is to enroll in a preventative roof maintenance plan and follow manufacturer notes on inspection and upkeep.

Don’t wait until damage is obvious to repair or replace your roof. This method is reactive, and on a cost-breakdown will be largely more expensive when all is said and done. Your upfront expense of enrolling in a maintenance plan can save hundreds to thousands depending on what occurs. Generally, in the roofing industry, 80-90% of roof repairs are due to a lack of maintenance and poor workmanship during installation.

The professionals at G&R Roofing can take some of the worry away with our roof inspection services, and all repairs that may be necessary. We are here to help you feel safe and ready. Contact us today if you are ready to get prepared for Hurricane Season.