Do Roof Inspections Really Matter?

One of the most important structural elements to a house is the roof. Certified roofing inspections are often required as part of the process of buying or selling a house due to its structural importance. The primary purpose of a roof is to protect against the elements of Mother Nature and to maintain the preferred internal temperatures. From safety, protection, comfort, energy savings, and money savings, roof inspections really do matter.

How often should the roof be inspected? In the roofing industry, it is strongly advised to get the roof inspected by a professional at least twice a year. The timing of said inspections is in the Spring and Fall seasons, right before the harsher seasons give a beating to the roof. Regularly scheduled roof inspections are a good practice to catch minor problems before they become major issues, or to fix major issues before storm season or intense weather that can make big issues into even larger nightmares for homeowners.

Think you can inspect the roof yourself and save money? With continued technological advancements, roof integrity can be determined by roofing inspectors professional tools and techniques such as infrared equipment and testing methods. Full scale inspections should be performed by an expert in the roofing industry. If you don’t have the knowledge or background, don’t do it yourself. Your family, home, belongings, and valuables rely on a properly effective roof. Is the risk of ruining all of that worth it?

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