Commercial Roofing Services

Whether you need a completely new commercial roofing system or you are looking to perform some serious repair, coating or maintenance work, G & R Roofing can provide the industry knowledge, materials experience, and detail oriented service you need. Our team can help you to protect your investment and perform repairs without interrupting normal business operations, all while reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Learn how our team is using advanced construction technologies to help local businesses thrive.

Hassle Free Commercial Roof Repair

From rehabilitating existing low pitched roofs to complete coating systems, weatherproofing and new metal construction, our roofers are fully trained to install the latest high-performance materials. Working with top manufacturers in the industry like CertainTeed, Metal Sales, and Gaco Western, we are able to provide easy NDL warrantees and advanced materials knowledge for seamless performance that will last for years to come.

 A Smart Choice for Businesses

Gaco Western’s unique Silicone and acrylic coatings help to eliminate common issues with water leaks and pooling while providing several unique advantages over conventional construction materials:

  • Increased UV and fire resistance
  • Elastomeric properties that protect against seasonal changes
  • No need for removal of old roof materials
  • No gaps, seams, or ridges
  • High reflectivity that can reduce energy costs and “heat island” effects
  • Easy installation process requiring no interruption of business

By offering advanced technology solutions from leading manufacturers, we can help your business to reduce landfill and labor costs while providing an environmentally friendly product with superior effectiveness. Eliminate the need for expensive and laborious removal of old materials without compromising on the quality of your building’s next upgrade.

Contact Our Team Today

Our thorough knowledge of advanced construction materials, close ties to industry manufacturers, and emphasis on workmanship excellence have given us a local reputation for providing superior commercial roof repair services. We can also make it easy for those with multiple ongoing projects to coordinate retrofits and repairs. Whether you have a minor repair issue or need a major retrofit, let our team give you a quick free estimate for your next project by calling today at 936-206-7636 for Houston area & 214-883-2931 for Dallas area or filling out our easy online form.