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No. Nearly all insurance policies require the policy holder to pay the first portion of any claim covered by the policy. This is your deductible.

The cost of my roof repair is less than my deductible. Should I file a claim anyway?

All the name-brand shingle manufacturers produce quality roofing materials, and what makes sense for another roof may not make sense for yours. We are certified GAF installers, and we prefer their shingles and accessories, but we install other brands on a regular basis.

Nearly all insurance policies place a time limit on how long you can waitto file a claim after a weather event. Some policies place this limit at as little as 6 months, so we always recommend having your roof evaluated as soon as possible if you suspect damage.


The cost of a new roof varies depending on the size of the roof, the type of roof (i.e. hip, gable, gambrel, etc.), the type and style of roofing material selected, the roof slope, and other factors. While there are far too many variables involved to give even a ballpark estimate here, we are more than happy to inspect your roof and provide an estimate at no charge. Request a quote

In most cases, the best thing for your home is to re-roof it with the same type and style of shingles currently installed. The current material likely fits in with the surrounding homes’ roofs in terms of both style and budget. (The current material also likely satisfies the requirements of your home owners’ association, if you have one.)

However, if you’d like to explore your options by looking at different colors, styles, and/or materials, we are happy to assist you. We have experience in nearly all types of residential roofing, and chances are if you want it, we can do it. Request a quote

The insurance company recognizes that the cost of a new roof, while not insignificant, is likely much less than the cost of repairing and/or replacing the interior of your home and its contents. If you have hail or wind damage, the question is not, “Will my roof leak?” The question is, “When will my roof leak?”

Whether your insurer will pay for repairs to your roof depends on what type of policy you have and what caused the damage. We are happy to meet with you and your adjuster to review the damage and your policy.

We can complete most jobs in a day or two. Obviously this depends on the size of the job, but it also depends on the slope of the roof, how many stories the building is, and, of course, the weather.

We are happy to inspect your roof and, if we find damage, we are happy to provide you a free, written, no-obligation estimate to do the job. Additionally, we will take the time to meet with you and your adjuster to answer any questions and to help ensure your claim is approved.

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