Roofing Services



Re-roofing is a process by which a professional roofing contractor installs a brand new roof on an existing building. Roof replacement is often necessary when a roof has been damaged as a result of severe weather, defective roofing materials, poor initial workmanship, accidents involving large trees or debris and age.


Whether you own a home or business in The Woodlands or its surrounding areas, various emergencies associated with severe weather are inevitable. Fortunately, G & R Roofing’s emergency response team is equipped with all of the equipment, experience and expertise necessary to execute all types of roof maintenance and roof repairs.


Roof inspections are an integral part of maintaining the integrity and longevity of commercial and residential roofing systems. Without causing any damage whatsoever to your current roof, G & R’s highly trained roof experts will determine when or if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.


G & R Roofing is proud to offer a broad selection of quality tile roofing options. Whether you are most interested in aesthetic appearance, durability, energy efficiency or all three, we guarantee that we have the ideal concrete tile roof or clay tile roof for you.


The roofing experts at G & R specialize in designing and constructing durable metal roofs for residential and commercial buildings. Due to its technologically innovative composition, a metal roofing system is impervious to the problems commonly associated with traditional wooden roofs. While a conventional wooden roof is prone to burn easily and quickly, a metal roof is resistant to flame, protecting your home, family and possessions from the hazards of a fire.


G & R Roofing is proud to offer flat bitumen roof systems, one of the most popular and fastest growing types of flat roofing in the world. Known for its proven longevity, ease of installation, economic benefits and energy efficiency, the bitumen roof typically consists of easy-to-use, one-component liquid products that are versatile in both their utility and application.