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The important job of protecting your home and family from the rain, wind, and other elements that make up our Gulf Coast weather patterns falls on your roof. The roof is the most complex structural system on your home. To ensure that your roof is up to the task, rely on the roofing contractor G&R Roofing with expert, factory trained staff and the highest quality materials: G& R Roofing.

Quality Roofing Systems

G& R Roofing Services is driven to offer practical, affordable roofing solutions for our customers. We offer a wide array of services to our customers.”

Roof Repair Service

With the unpredictable nature of Florida weather, one never knows when there is going to be a roofing problem. All of sudden you find yourself in an emergency repair situation, trying to keep the elements from damaging your home. We understand the frustrations that come with these situations and are dedicated to being there to assist you.

Call our main phone number: (727) 938-9565. After business hours you will be directly forwarded—upon selection—to an operator who will personally assist you. We are available for the following emergency roofing services:

  • Tree Removal Emergency
  • Tarp Over
  • Emergency Board-Up
  • Underlayment Replacement
  • Temporary Roofing Repairs
  • Entire Roof Replacement
  • Cartage and Disposal
  • Clean-Up

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