Storm Damage

Storm Damage111

If you’ve been impacted by a severe weather event – whether it was a wind storm, a hail storm, severe rains, or flooding – G&R Roofing will help you put your home or business back together. Our Emergency Response Team isexperienced, efficient, and compassionate, and we are ready to answer the call at a moment’s notice.

Here at G&R Roofing, we understand that weather-related emergencies are both unpredictable and stressful – so we jump into action the moment you need us. We can implement temporary repairs like tarps, patches, and boarding of windows. We will meet with your insurance adjustor, and we will review their claim estimate to ensure you get everything you need to restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition.

Severe storms can cause lasting damage to your roof. G&R Roofing arrives on-site ASAP to prevent further damage and to begin the claim process. We know what to inspect, review, and replace in a cost-effective and productive manner. We are here to help, to alleviate stress where feasible, and to get your property back to functionality as quickly as possible.

Storm damage examples include: Missing shingles, shingle damage, siding damage, and water damage.

We know how stressful the insurance process can be. Find your insurance company below and click the icon. You will be linked directly to a claim form for your insurance company.