"If you own a home, the simple fact is that someday you will need to replace your old roof." It could be due to damage, weather, or simply too m
 Did a recent rainstorm leave your ceiling with a leak? Are you looking for innovative methods to keep your house's interior clean and dry?If tha
How to Choose a Flat RoofIt is common to see flat roofs on commercial properties, but why is single-ply roofing so popular? What materials are best fo
It is common for homeowners to ignore their roofs until they notice leaks or damage. However, regular roof maintenance helps keep your roof in shape a
Roofing insulation is vital to overall comfort and impact your energy spending. Knowing the wrong type of insulation or improper installation or repla
If you are replacing your attic ventilation or having a new roof installation done as part of your custom home build, then don’t neglect the importanc
Whether you are a home owner, property manager, or a business owner, roof repairs are likely to occur periodically for all residential and commercial
If you haven’t prepared for hurricane season, we are already in it. Hurricane season is from June 1st through November 30th. With last year so fresh i
 You want to approach hiring a roofing contractor like businesses approach the hiring pool for new employees. Doing your due diligence today can
The time has come for a roof replacement. Whether normal wear and tear over the last 20-years (generally) has gone by, or you’ve been hit by a storm,
Curb appeal is a significant part of finding the place you want to call home. A major component of curb appeal is the condition and age of the roof. F
If the time has come for a roof replacement or a custom roof installation, you may be wonder how long that project will take. Roofing construction is
One of the most important structural elements to a house is the roof. Certified roofing inspections are often required as part of the process of buyin
The cost of an ignored leaky roof is more than just financial strain. The financial repair can be expensive, but what’s more costly and impactful, are
When building a home or have found yourself in need of roof replacement, it is strongly advised to do thorough research on what the best fit for your
Poor or Faulty InstallationFaulty roof installation will undoubtedly have consequences. Poor roofing installation will result in higher risk of costly
Insurance claims always seem daunting with a tedious amount of information to provide. Don’t let the task overwhelm or intimidate you. The professiona
 Before the worst of the winter weather hits your home, prepare for colder temperatures. The #1 way to be prepared is to have your roof inspected
Your roof is built to endure many years of seasonable impact of varying weather degrees. However, there are general practices to regularly do in prepa
New roof versus regular maintenance for your roofing needsWhat to check regularly to avoid emergency roof replacementWhat to expect with a hail claimH