Ignoring Your Roof Leak Will Cost You


The cost of an ignored leaky roof is more than just financial strain. The financial repair can be expensive, but what’s more costly and impactful, are the hazards an ignored leak can pose for everyone living under the damaged roof.

Hazard to Your Health – MOLD

Mold is a type of fungus, standing water creates the bacteria that creates the mold and the cycle doesn’t stop until the mold is removed, can’t remove mold without removing the standing water created by the leak in the roof

Removing mold is expensive, so now the pocketbook gets hit hard twice – mold removal, roof repair

Mold can be a severe problem to asthma, irritant to eyes, nose, throat, and skin.

Fire Hazard – Wet Electrical Wiring

The hundreds of feet of electrical wiring casing your home via your attic get directly exposed to water when there is a leak in the roof

Wet wiring can cause a short, which can easily and quickly make a fire hazard

Wasted Money – Wasted Energy

Leaky roof means wet insulation. Wet insulation means ineffective temperature barrier. No barrier means higher utilities.

Wet insulation has the potential to house moss/algae/bacteria, and require replacement

The major hazards that a neglected roof leak can cause are all highly expensive, and can be life threatening. Don’t let yourself reach the point of endangering your loved ones, call the professionals today. If you aren’t comfortable trying to determine where the leak is coming from, what caused it, and what is needed to repair it, G&R Roofing is ready to cover all your roofing needs. From roof inspections, to repairs, or replacements as needed, we got you covered.