Hire a Roof Leak Repair Professional in The Woodlands

A roof leak repair should be prioritized over remodeling or indoor repairs as a roof is the first defense for your home in The Woodlands, TX. All it takes is a single animal or storm to cause a leak. Even the smallest leak can create expensive damage throughout your home if not repaired quickly.

G&R Roofing is a Professional Roof Repair Contractor You Can Count On


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Use a Professional For Roof Repair in The Woodlands

Do you need roof leak repairs in The Woodlands? With G&R Roofing, we will have a fully licensed and bonded professional roofer come out and inspect the damage. Our professional roofers will know the best technique to repair your roof properly. Damages we commonly fix include:

  • Roof hail damage repair
  • Roof animal damage repair
  • Roof leak repair and prevention
  • Roof wind damage repair

We are one of the few GAF certified roofing contractors in the Houston and The Woodlands area. We aim to ensure each job is done correctly, without cutting corners.

Roof Repair in The Woodlands

Average Contractors vs. G&R Roofing

Your average roof repair contractors will not provide a satisfaction guarantee, repairs only last a few months. Many contractors do not have the proper knowledge or experience and improperly install roofs, do not apply caulking or sealing, or replace shingles without fixing other damages.

At G&R Roofing, we guarantee your satisfaction, and all roof leak repairs are completed by experienced and GAF certified roofing professionals. We use high-quality materials and install impact-resistant shingles, increasing protection against hail and rain. We help with the insurance claim is filed and repair from the bottom up to ensure all damage is fixed.

Does My Leaking Roof Need to be Fully Replaced?

In most cases, a small leak will only require a roof leak repair. However, we would need to inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles, openings or cracks in the decking, or other damage before knowing the extent of the damage.

A poor roof install can be the cause of multiple leaks around the house or from a strong storm. In this situation, it is more likely a full replacement is the best option.

When hiring a roofing company in The Woodlands, be careful that you get one that is reputable and reliable, like G&R Roofing.

Is It Normal For My Roof To Have Green and Black Spots?

Weather in The Woodlands area can cause this issue due to the humid and wet summers. Green and black spots are signs of algae and mold growth and should be taken care of quickly. The main cause for this is poor ventilation and roofing practices.

How Much Does Roof Repairs Cost?

Roof repair costs will depend on the extend of damage you have. We will need to inspect the roof to determine the repairs needed, looking for missing or damaged shingles, holes in the decking, and more. A hump or large dent can be a sign of roof decking needs repaired or replaced. Other contributing factors are drip edges, chimney flashing, and others.

The average roof repair costs between $300 to $1,500.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Repairs?

If roof damages were the cause of natural events, insurance policies in The Woodlands, TX, often cover roof repairs. For example, damages caused by falling branches, storms, high-speed winds, or hurricanes.