What Kind of Roof Damage


Whether you are a home owner, property manager, or a business owner, roof repairs are likely to occur periodically for all residential and commercial roofing. The specific type of roof material you have covering your building will be impacted differently from various types of damages.

The most common types of roof damage include:

  • Moisture and Leaks – Moisture build up and roofing leaks must be addressed. Small issues can be repaired easily and quickly, whereas ignored small issues can become major problems that require more drastic repair or replacement
  • Hail Damage – If a hail storm came through your neighborhood, it is highly likely that your roof may have some hail damage. Don’t ignore this, again structural damage will cause more likely irreparable damage
  • Pest Damage – Birds, squirrels, racoons, etc., the creatures of nature will impact your roofing material when they attempt to make your roof their home and/or their normal stomping ground via passing transport over time.
  • Roofing Material Failure – Improper installation of roof flashing will cause structural damage. Roof repair will be required and occasionally, a new installation may be strongly advised.

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