Maneuvering Insurance Claims for Damaged Roof


Insurance claims always seem daunting with a tedious amount of information to provide. Don’t let the task overwhelm or intimidate you. The professionals at G&R Roofing are here to assist in the process. If you suspect you may have roof damage from a recent storm, call your insurance claims department, not your insurance agent. Remember your first two calls when suspect roofing damage after a storm, is for a roof inspection (we do this part for you), then to your insurance claims office.

File the Claim

  • Only the homeowner can make the claim.
  • Notate the assigned claim number provided by insurance claim department
  • Notate contact details of assigned adjustor, this can take up to 7 business days to be provided
  • Contact G&R Roofing once adjustor details and meeting time are known, we can be there to help in negotiating with the insurance carrier for a fair settlement.

Damage Assessment

  • Schedule meeting with assigned insurance adjustor
  • Let them know that a G&R Roofing representative will be present at the inspection and serve as your advocate.
  • The insurance adjustor will verify the extent of the damage.
  • Roof measurements will be taken as well as verifying the layers of existing roofing system.
  • We can provide satellite images and any engineering reports they may need.

We go above and beyond and are happy to work with your insurance adjustor to get you the best quality in the most efficient manner possible.

Fair Settlement

Once extent of damages is assessed, the adjustor will provide a detailed summary of the scope of roof repairs or roof replacement.

  • Numbers are determined based on the cost analysis performed by the insurance company. Generally, they use an industry standard system called Xactimate that provides the average cost of labor of materials for a specific area at that time. The great news is that G&R Roofing uses the same system to work fluidly with your insurance company.
  • You need to know your deductible, usually $500-$1,000 deductible, but again varies by policy, so find your policy paperwork to confirm.

The professional roofers at G&R Roofing use the same procedure of calculations to assist in the insurance claims process, so we usually have very close numbers as what the insurance adjustor will have. This is a standard and effective method of determining the cost of damage repairs to commercial and residential roofing systems.


  • Most insurance companies pay out via two checks. The first is the value of the roof as of today, after the depreciation is taken out. Depreciation is determined by age of roof.
  • The second check is only written out once the repairs are completed andan invoice is received from a licensed roofing company. You must get the roof fixed to receive the rest of the settlement.
  • Be sure to follow the directions explicitly, as each company varies in preferred process.

New Roof Installation

Once you receive the first check, G&R Roofing can now install your new roof or install the replacement parts

Recover the Depreciation

We’ve installed your new roof, and now we will provide the necessary documentation that your insurance company requires to let them know the job is complete. Depending on your policy, if the withheld depreciation is recoverable, we will ask that the funds be released, but this depends on your policy. Likely, your insurance company will touch base with you to confirm job is completed before releasing the final check.

Final Payment

Once your last insurance check has been received, and any mortgage endorsements have been made, we will collect the final amount due on the roof repair/roof replacement service.

If you opt to go with another roofing contractor over G&R Roofing, we ask that you beware of insurance scams, for you could get involved in insurance fraud and the legal penalties will far exceed the savings that lower bid and false invoice could save you. Go with reputable companies, do your homework, and talk with your insurance company.