Roofing in Winter


Before the worst of the winter weather hits your home, prepare for colder temperatures. The #1 way to be prepared is to have your roof inspected by professionals. Call G & R Roofing today for your roof inspection. Regularly scheduled roofing inspections help to identify common issues like (1) Failing Flashing, (2) Roof Leaks, (3) Eroded Shingles, and (4) Water Pooling

Beyond a professional roof inspection, the other things you can do to prepare for harsh winter weather are:

  • Inspect the Attic for Interior Sagging or Staining – a clear sign of leakage
  • Keep Your Roof Clear of Debris – rotting leaves create bacteria that eats through your roof
  • Ensure Your Attic is Properly Ventilated – G&R Roofing can verify this for you
  • Clear the Gutter of Debris
  • Repair Flashing as Needed
  • Keep Tree Limbs Short and Away from Roof

Now, let’s say you did what you could, or you forgot all together to prepare for the winter weather, here are some common problems you may encounter over the winter season:

  • Attic Condensation: Simple physics, when cold surface contacts warm air, condensation can occur. Condensation may lead to mold and/or leaks.
  • Flashing Leaks: Improper installation and intense storms cause the flashing to pull away from the roof material and that means water leaks.
  • Strong Winds: Heavy winds can occur year-round in Texas, but strong winds can cause roof damage via shingles blown away, flashing pulled apart, falling tree branches, and more.
  • Tree Limbs: A beauty most of the year, but a threat during winter. As the storms cause heavy rains and ice, the tree becomes over-burdened and breaks, right onto or through your roof.
  • Ice Dams: Intense winter storms where ice freezes, melts, then freezes again in quick succession. The overwhelming weight on your gutters can lead to breakage.
  • Icicles: Winter storms where ice freezes, melts, and freezes again in rapid succession. When your gutters are clogged, the buildup leads to a clog during the first heavy winter storm.