Tips for Winter


Your roof is built to endure many years of seasonable impact of varying weather degrees. However, there are general practices to regularly do in preparation for each season. Below are some general tips to consider avoiding roof damage:

Tip #1: Roof Inspection

The most proactive move you can do to prepare for harsh winter is to schedule a roof inspection with G&R Roofing. We will inspect your entire roof, including flashing areas which have strong potential for leaking. We can repair or replace your roof as needed.

Tip #2: Clear Out Your Gutters and Drains

You want to be sure to remove all debris that accumulates after strong winds and/or heavy rain

Tip #3: Tree Trimming

Be proactive and keep tree branches trimmed that could become heavy with snow and break onto your roof, causing major roof damage. Don’t let tree branches touch your roof – this causes friction and results in early wear on the shingles due to abrasion.

Tip #4: Snow Removal

Remember, ice blocks flow, so remove icicles quickly so not to prevent water flow

Tip #5: Secured Panels

Ensure your HVAC panels are properly placed and securely fastened.

Tip #6: Assess Your Ventilation in Intervals

Regularly inspect your attic ventilation system throughout the winter season. Poor ventilation and/or poor insulation keeps the home cold, even if your paying to heat it, but can also begin the process of ice dam formation.

Tip #7: Check the Chimney

Chimney needs to be in full functioning order, meaning no loose or missing bricks and no broken mortar.