Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor


You want to approach hiring a roofing contractor like businesses approach the hiring pool for new employees. Doing your due diligence today can save you tens of thousands of dollars and avoid the stress of doing another roof repair or roof replacement The Woodlands in a couple of years from something that could have been avoided. Your roof should last 20-years unless the misfortune of storm damage occurs UNLESS you hire the wrong contractor and your roof replacement was done wrong the first go-round.

The daunting task of hiring a roofing contractor during a time sensitive scenario doesn’t mean you should rush the process and just hire the first company you google or run across in your research. We advise starting with a pre-screen phone call that you can easily verify.

PRE-SCREEN QUESTIONS – Determines Credibility

  • What’s the legal business name?
    • Ask for proof of state license number or insurance
    • Verify by searching their business in state and federal directories
  • What level of roofing insurance do you have?
    • Needs to match or exceed state requirements
    • Verify by Google Search: Texas roofing insurance requirements with the results from state official website
  • Who will be on the job site during my roof installation?
    • Company owner, company manager, or project manager are all acceptable answers. Workers must be supervised

Once you’ve completed your pre-screen calls, the remaining contractors should answer the following hiring questions:

HIRING QUESTIONS – Determines Ethical Boundaries

  • Can you leave my estimate in my mail box?
    • You should not allow this You miss the opportunity to ask questions or get clarification It’s also a federal offense to place non-postage-paid mail in a mail box
  • Does the roof estimator really need to come inside my house?
    • Yes, to inspect attic space for signs of water damage. No attic, still necessary to quickly spot cracks and stains along the interior walls and/or ceiling
  • Are you bonded, and if so, can I have a copy?
    • What training is the crew given? There is no specific roofing labor training, so most is learned on the job or provided by company
  • How do you protect my property while working?
    • Gutters/Lawn/Landscaping
  • Do you have a warranty and what’s included?
    • Is removal of old roof included?
    • Should be, but always check your invoices for any hidden fees
  • Is tarping and covering done at the end of each day?
    • Should be, need to protect your exposed roof from any expected or unexpected weather conditions
  • Do you have workers compensation insurance?
    • Go with a roofing company that answers yes
  • Do you bring a container for refuse materials?
    • Yes, as all the old roofing materials must be discarded somewhere
  • Where do you place refuse container?
    • Will depend on property BUT if it’s on your driveway, be sure to ask what the provisions are if the driveway cracks due to the weight

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of interviewing and finding the right contractor, contact G&R Roofing today, and we will provide you with all this information and more to show you how you will be in good hands with our roofing repair and roofing installation contractors The Woodlands