What Affects How Long a Roof Takes to Install

If the time has come for a roof replacement or a custom roof installation, you may be wonder how long that project will take. Roofing construction is loud, disruptive to daily activities, and has zero curb appeal, but if you plan ahead you can coordinate to ensure as little issue as possible. Unfortunately, there is no set time frame that a roof install can fit in, because there are varying factors that impact the turnaround time; therefore, roof install time just depends. Below is a list of what factors to consider when wanting to schedule your roof install:

– Type of Roof Work to be Done

Partial roof replacement or roof repair – a few hours

Roof inspections – quickest and quietest form of roofing work

Full roof replacement – 1-2 days depending on the weather

Size of Roof & Roofing Material

A larger home has a larger roof, which will automatically take more time and more material

The type of material impacts turnaround time because of availability, weight, and procedure

Spanish tile will be entirely different than metal roof installation

-Weather is the Biggest Factor

– Unable to control Mother Nature and sometimes the forecast is far from accurate

– Rain and snow will delay any roofing project and can double turnaround time

– You won’t need to worry about your home for it will be protected with a tarp if it rains or snows once the roof project has begun

-Scheduling is more flexible in winter but most homeowners prefer summer work due to dryer conditions and less chance for rain

When you are planning for a roofing project, discuss with your roofing contractor about your specifics, the type of job needed, and what their procedure is for inclement weather. At G&R Roofing, we cannot predict everything or control the weather, but we do guarantee that the work we perform will done as efficiently as possible and to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today for a free quote.