Choosing A Reputable Roofing Company


When you need your roof repaired, it’s rarely because you just feel like having a fresh look; instead, it’s because your home has been destroyed by the weather. This is a confusing, stressful time, and a time to be weary of roofing scams. Only trust reputable roofing contractors. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it likely is a scam or a big fat lie in the making, and either way, close the door on that and do your research. Texas has one of the highest rates of fraud in the roofing repair industry. Don’t become a statistic, and follow this list of some of the known scams to steer clear of:

  • You don’t have to pay your deductible
    • No, no, no – read your insurance policy, it clearly states that you are responsible for a portion of the claim, that is your deductible. In the area of deductibles, home insurance works the same way medical insurance does. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to scam you. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY AROUND THE DEDUCTIBLE. PERIOD.
  • False Contingency Contracts
    • Contingency Contracts are a very good thing, but beware of the fine print.
    • GOOD CONTRACT – Based on insurance approval and will become null and void if the insurance company does not approve the work
    • BAD CONTRACT – You owe X amount for the company representing you, or you agree to replace your roof at your own expense for an undetermined amount until they fill in the blank
  • Full Payment Upfront
    • This is a scam. It is industry standard for partial upfront deposit depending on project, price, and/or special orders of the materials
  • Roofers As Insurance Adjusters
    • You must hold a public insurance adjuster’s license to act as an insurance adjustor.
    • GOOD – It is legal and okay for a highly experienced roofing company who work with home improvement companies, like the one you already have coverage with, who will meet with your insurance adjustor and help them find all of the storm damage on your property. The expertise of the roofing contractor are for your benefit. Roofing companies offers assistance to ensure you get everything fixed that is needed, sometimes it’s not as obvious to the insurance adjustor.
  • Roofing Solicitors
    • When someone comes unsolicited, knocking on your door, this is a bad sign. The best roofing companies stay busy because they get plenty of referral business through happy customers. Another way to look at it is if ‘Joe Smo’ is driving around scanning your home uninvited, you didn’t call for a free estimate, then what is his motive, because it won’t be your best interests.
  • Storm Chasers
    • It’s obvious that after a bad storm, repairs and replacements will need to be done all over the impacted area, and scammers know this prime picking, so they follow the storms, pretending to be a local repair company, saying all the right things, asking for payment upfront, and a too-good-to-be-true sales pitch. The best way to avoid this is to do your research, check roofing resources to ensure the local company, really is local, ask your neighbors for referrals, and check third-party companies to see if the roofing company is reputable as they claim to be.

Although in a time of need, time is usually against you, and when the roof of your home or business has been destroyed, time is more of a luxury; however, don’t rush your decision for your roofing repair company. Repairing or replacing your roof is a huge investment and a major priority for home functionality and worth, so the decision shouldn’t be made hastily. Don’t be afraid to call around to various local companies and get multiple estimates. You can also trust your insurance company for known referrals. You will be glad in the end that you took the necessary steps to ensure you got a solid roof replacement from a reputable local roofing contractor.

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor


You want to approach hiring a roofing contractor like businesses approach the hiring pool for new employees. Doing your due diligence today can save you tens of thousands of dollars and avoid the stress of doing another roof repair or roof replacement The Woodlands in a couple of years from something that could have been avoided. Your roof should last 20-years unless the misfortune of storm damage occurs UNLESS you hire the wrong contractor and your roof replacement was done wrong the first go-round.

The daunting task of hiring a roofing contractor during a time sensitive scenario doesn’t mean you should rush the process and just hire the first company you google or run across in your research. We advise starting with a pre-screen phone call that you can easily verify.

PRE-SCREEN QUESTIONS – Determines Credibility

  • What’s the legal business name?
    • Ask for proof of state license number or insurance
    • Verify by searching their business in state and federal directories
  • What level of roofing insurance do you have?
    • Needs to match or exceed state requirements
    • Verify by Google Search: Texas roofing insurance requirements with the results from state official website
  • Who will be on the job site during my roof installation?
    • Company owner, company manager, or project manager are all acceptable answers. Workers must be supervised

Once you’ve completed your pre-screen calls, the remaining contractors should answer the following hiring questions:

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See How the Pros Apply Asphalt Roof Shingles

When your property is in need of new roofing materials, you will want to trust your installation to a company that specializes in roofing in Texas. In this video from Bob Vila, you will take a look at how professional roofing contractors install new shingles on a roof. In order to secure the roofing shingles in place, a contractor uses special roofing nails.

Rather than attempting to repair your roof on your own, be sure to get in touch with a certified roofing company when you are in need of repairs. A team of roofers will be able to provide you with the services that are needed to restore your roof and install a panel of brand new roofing shingles. After you have replaced your shingles, your roof will be restored to perfect condition.

What to Expect During Your Roof Replacement

If you take a look at your cedar shake roof and decide that it’s time for a roof replacement in Texas, there are some factors that you should consider. First, you should talk to your roofing contractor and schedule an inspection and consultation to find out if roof replacement is indeed the service that you need. If it is, you can then work together to come up with a design for your roof, and the professionals will take down your existing roof and begin to install your new one. Be sure to take this time to discuss your drainage options so you can avoid problems like mold growth and water damage. Continue reading to see what to expect during your roof replacement.

Professional Inspection

Before you get started with a roof replacement, you should make sure that your existing roof is beyond repair. This can be a difficult judgement call to make if you are not experienced in the roofing industry, so call your professional contractor for an evaluation. If he or she determines that your current roof is at or nearing the end of its working life, it’s probably time to start talking about what you want your replacement to look like.

Design and Installation

From color schemes and design elements to the actual materials that go into your roof, there is much to talk about when arranging for a replacement. You can talk to your contractor for advice in deciding what kinds of materials will best suit your needs and those of your family and household. Once you have come up with a design that you are happy with, your contractors can take your old roof off and put the new one up.

Establishing Proper Drainage

The way your roof handles moisture is crucial for the sanitation and safety of your home. When your contractors come to handle your roof replacement, be sure to discuss drainage. Proper drainage will remove rainwater from the roof and send it to a safe place where it won’t lead to water damage. Poor drainage can damage your roof and contribute to aesthetic and functional damage.

Ignoring Your Roof Leak Will Cost You

The cost of an ignored leaky roof is more than just financial strain. The financial repair can be expensive, but what’s more costly and impactful, are the hazards an ignored leak can pose for everyone living under the damaged roof.

Hazard to Your Health – MOLD

Mold is a type of fungus, standing water creates the bacteria that creates the mold and the cycle doesn’t stop until the mold is removed, can’t remove mold without removing the standing water created by the leak in the roof

Removing mold is expensive, so now the pocketbook gets hit hard twice – mold removal, roof repair

Mold can be a severe problem to asthma, irritant to eyes, nose, throat, and skin.

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What Affects How Long a Roof Takes to Install

If the time has come for a roof replacement or a custom roof installation, you may be wonder how long that project will take. Roofing construction is loud, disruptive to daily activities, and has zero curb appeal, but if you plan ahead you can coordinate to ensure as little issue as possible. Unfortunately, there is no set time frame that a roof install can fit in, because there are varying factors that impact the turnaround time; therefore, roof install time just depends. Below is a list of what factors to consider when wanting to schedule your roof install:

– Type of Roof Work to be Done

Partial roof replacement or roof repair – a few hours

Roof inspections – quickest and quietest form of roofing work

Full roof replacement – 1-2 days depending on the weather

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Beware of Scams in Roofing Industry

The time has come for a roof replacement. Whether normal wear and tear over the last 20-years (generally) has gone by, or you’ve been hit by a storm, the time for roof replacement is stressful and time sensitive. You need to have your home and family covered from the elements, but you want to make sure you choose the right contractor.

Today we are sharing the common scams in the roofing industry, so you don’t fall victim.

The Unexpected Roofing Salesman

He just shows up at your door offering this ‘too good to be true’ deal.

  • If it feels too good to be true, it usually is
  • Don’t ignore those internal red flags or warning bells going off
  • Reputable roofing companies don’t walk around searching for business, rather they come to you after you call them for help
  • Don’t allow this person to do a free inspection, they may have malicious intent and make things worse
  • Don’t give into the pressure of their sales techniques

The Storm Chaser

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Take a Look at Different Roofing Types

When the time comes to replace your home’s roof, you will want to make sure that you work with a team of roofing contractors who are highly qualified to perform your roof installation. By hiring experienced roofing contractors near Redmond, you can make sure that your new roof is attractive and made from high quality materials. As you are designing your new roof installation, you may want to consider some of the different types of roofs that are available to your home. Here is a quick overview of some of the different roofing materials that you might want to choose for your house.

Asphalt Composition

Asphalt composition roofs are among the most popular types of roofs that are used on today’s homes. When you choose an asphalt roof for your property, you can feel great knowing that your roofing materials will be durable, attractive, and built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Another advantage of asphalt composition roofs is that these types of roofs are available in many different colors and styles.

Cedar Shake

The cedar shake roof has been a classic type of roof for many decades. When you are deciding on what type of roofing materials to use on your home, you may want to explore the benefits of new cedar shakes and shingles. After you have installed new cedar roofing in your home, you can rest assured that your roofing materials will last for up to 50 years or more. Cedar shakes can also provide a home with rustic style.

Low Pitch

While low pitch or flat roofs used to be very common for commercial buildings, more and more homeowners are choosing to install low pitch roofs on their homes. Unlike asphalt or cedar roofs, which have a defined slope or pitch, low pitch roofs are nearly flat. A benefit of a low pitch roof is that this type of roofing can be crafted with environmentally friendly materials that will help you save energy. No matter what type of roof you choose, you will want to hire a certified contractor for your installation.

Roofing Terms You Should Know

Getting to know the different elements of your home’s roof will help you identify when there is a problem. If you struggle to identify your roofing shingles, flashing, and other roofing materials, you might be in need of some basic roofing education. A team of roofers serving Texas will be thrilled to tell you more about the various components of your roof. After learning about how your roof is constructed, you will be able to maintain it properly. Let’s take a look at some important roofing terms that every homeowner should know.


The shingles form the outer layer of your roof, and they are probably the most easily identifiable component of your roof. Shingles can be made out of a variety of different materials, including asphalt, cedar, and tile. When you are shopping for new shingles for your roof, it is important to pick out a product that is both durable and attractive. Your shingles will have a dramatic impact on the final appearance of your roof.


Flashing is another important structural component for the roof of your home. Typically, flashing is composed of durable metal materials, such as copper or aluminum. After the roof shingles have been installed, flashing strips are used to seal any corners or seams. Once the flashing has been nailed into place, your roof will be water tight. If you start to notice strips of metal peeling up from the surface of your roof, you may be in need of a flashing replacement.

Pitch or Slope

Unless your roof is perfectly flat, it will have a certain degree of pitch or slope. The incline that your roof makes in comparison to the ground will impact its weather resistance and ability to drain water. During a roof inspection, your roofer might take the time to measure the pitch of your roof from the ground. Homeowners who continually experience roofing problems might want to consider adjusting roof pitch during a roof replacement procedure.